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Video Technology & Production

Steve Ager has worked for over thirty years in the broadcast television and online video field, starting with studio work for BBC News and Reuters, then leading to setting up, and managing, the first studios for the Financial Times nearly 10 years ago. As a video technology and workflow adviser, he assists clients with systems and workflow techniques to help create high impact coverage - often viewed only on the web.


Workflow and technology consulting, video production, scoping and specifying video technology choices for broadcast and online


Filming and editing short features and documentary style pieces.

Previously with the FT as senior cameraman and editor shooting the FT’s high end features.

Reuters Video News - London based cameraman with travel all over the world.

Proficient with Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut. Various professional cameras from Canon, Sony and Panasonic. Owner of full Sony FS5 kit. Click here for Showreel.


Education & Filming - training journalists, correspondents and political reporters on modern filming techniques for the web such as with iPhones and DSLRs.

Teaching the fundamentals of photography to teenagers.


Financial Times - workflow and technology consultant for the FT's new multimedia complex, with filming locations around the listed building. FT's first studio complex used for live streaming, broadcast interviews and video journalism

Royal Institute for International Affairs (Chatham House) - workflow and working practices consultant, bringing new facilities in the listed building into full use to support the live broadcast, conference and simulation centre​

Asia House - advising the central London based 'Asia to Europe' policy and cultural body on technology choices and video streaming to the web

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